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Are you a fan of Star Trek? Then you shouldn't missed this amazing Sci-fi TV series, “the Odyssey 5.” Did you know that name “Manny Moto” was the brainchild and served as a script-writer and executive producer during the series run? He was also the executive producer and showrunner of Star Trek: Enterprise in its final season, and executive producer of three seasons of 24.

Odyssey 5 is a Canadian science fiction series that first ran in 2002 on Showtime in the United States and on Space in Canada. In the United States, the initial run of the series consists of 14 of the 20 episodes, leaving the six remaining episodes unaired for a period of roughly two years. The show was cancelled despite the fact that the series was one of Show time's highest rated original series. The series made a full run of all 20 episodes in the United Kingdom on Sky One and on Sci Fi Channel and in Canada. In 2004, the series aired in Finland on Nelonen and thus could also be seen in Estonia, and in June 2004 it premiered in Germany. In 2005, it aired in the Netherlands on NET 5 after midnight.

It's a story of a set of people on a routine spaceflight on August 2007: four astronauts, a scientist, and a television news reporter. However, during the course of the flight, the Earth rapidly dissolves into a fiery ball, shrinks, and suddenly implodes. Before regaining control of the shuttle, one astronaut is killed. The remaining 5 crew members of the space shuttle Odyssey resign themselves to death, but a non-organic being called the Seeker rescues them. Fifty other worlds have been destroyed in the same way as Earth, but the seeker has always arrived too late to observe it or find survivors. However, this is the first time he has met survivors of such a tragedy. He offers to send them back in time 5 years (and therefore to present day, at the time of the series), so that they can prevent the disaster. In a twist, their consciousnesses are sent back and not their physical bodies, as physical time travel is impossible. Now its up to the survivors if they can still save the world. Along their journey,they learned that defeating history isn't as easy as it sounds, the interweaving threads adapt.

The series is very different from most science fiction because it is set in the present day so I will strongly recommend this DVD collection to Sci-fi lovers. Enjoy the show!

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The Adventures of Young Hercules

The Adventures of Young Hercules Did you know that name Hercules is the Latin form of his ancient Greek name. In Greek mythology,he is the son of Zeus, king of the gods of Olympus, and Alcmena, a mortal woman who lived about three thousand years ago. Recognizing the need for a son who would be powerful enough to defend both the Olympian gods and humanity from future dangers he foresaw, Zeus seduced Alcmena in the guise of her husband, King Amphitryon of Troezen. Thanks to Zeus's enchantment, Hercules was born with the potential for extraordinary strength, which he first displayed before he was even one year old by strangling two serpents which attacked him. As an adult, Hercules is best known for his celebrated Twelve Labors, which were performed in part to prove his worthiness for immortality to Zeus. Hercules' principal power is his superhuman strength. As true immortals, the Olympian gods do not age and are not susceptible to disease. Although they can be wounded in battle, they cannot die by any conventional means, and have a rapid healing rate. Hercules has a greater resistance to physical injury than any other Olympian god except for Zeus, and possibly Neptune and Pluto. He can even survive unprotected in the vacuum of space for a brief period of time. Only an injury of such magnitude that it incinerated him or dispersed a major portion of his bodily molecules could kill Hercules. In at least some such cases, Zeus or one of the other gods might still be able to resurrect him. Hercules has highly developed leg muscles, although they do not match those of the Hulk. Hercules can make a standing high jump of at least 100 feet in Earth's gravity. He is virtually tireless. His supernaturally enhanced musculature produces no fatigue poisons.

In the famous Young Hercules TV series, storyline follows Hercules as he attends Cheiron's Academy to train in the arts of the warrior under the wise headmaster Cheiron the Centaur . He makes friends with the future king of Corinth, the prince Jason and a thieving former member of a bandit group Iolaus who was sentenced to the training academy as an alternative to prison for his crimes. Hercules also meets the academy's first female cadet, Lilith . Other characters of interest include Kora, the Inn Keeper, who unknown to Hercules and his friends, is a devotee of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. As the series develops, Kora is revealed to have special powers which allow her to do Artemis' bidding. There are hints of romance between Hercules and Kora, although their friendship keeps it all innocent.

In 1998, the show won the following Daytime Emmy Awards nominations for Outstanding Sound Editing and while for 2001,Writers Guild of America, USA Children's Script.

I will definitely recommend this amazing DVD for kids and their family! Have fun and enjoy this show!

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Xena Warrior Princess

Xena Warrior Princess

The sci-fi tv series Xena Warrior Princess is created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert. A perfect mix of dark drama, action and romance. The series offers us the ultimate female hero, strong and vulnerable brave and caring, heroic and deeply flawed, she's all warrior and all woman “Xena Warrior Princess” portrayed by Lucy Lawless. We follow Xena's journey on her quest for redemption as well as Gabrielle's (portrayed by Renee O'Connor) growth from a naive peasant girl to a reluctant warrior. And there are other fascinating characters: Ares, the God of War who is determined to lure Xena back to the dark side but is eventually changed by his love for her, Callisto, Xena's victim and nemesis who manages to be sympathetic even at her most evil, Joxer, the bumbling warrior wannabe with the heart of a lion.

Xena Warrior Princess was the story of a former warlord, Xena, who has decided to renounce her past and begins to fight for good instead of evil. As a child, Xena had witnessed the destruction of her home village and the brutal murder of her brother at the hands of a despotic warlord. Joining her in her new battle is Gabrielle, a bard who travels with her to record her adventures, and their relationship becomes the core focus of the show. At first forming her army to protect other peasants like herself, she became consumed with a lust for power and was soon conquering for the sake of being the conqueror. The television series was a historical fantasy set in a mythological version of Greece that also blended in elements of Oriental, Egyptian and Medieval mythologies. A large cast of recurring characters, from gods to warlords to Amazon queens, populated the show's universe and presented a wide array of enemies and allies to Xena and Gabrielle.

Xena Warrior Princess is one of the best TV shows ever, it featured smart writing and creative directing, enhanced by the wonderful acting by the two main character, Lucy Lawless as Xena and Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle. If you haven't seen this show, get the DVDs and give it a try.

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24: Longest-Running Series

24 DVD24 is the second longest-running television series in the history (Behind the original Mission: Impossible and The Avengers). After the conclusion of the eighth season, 24 will become the record holder in both these categories. It was an American television show drama broadcast by Fox in the United States and syndicated worldwide.

24 is a creative television program that could best be described as "High Noon" for the 21st Century X and Y generational groups starved for cinema-like ideas and executions. "24" runs an hour a week, in real time, and advances to a staggering climax as an anti-terrorist specialist (Kiefer Sutherland) races against the clock to save the day. Assassination attempts, germ warfare and anti-American enemies are constant obstacles for Sutherland, daughter Elisha Cuthbert, president Dennis Haysbert and an innumerable cast of others. Regulars come and go, guest stars make lasting impressions and cliff-hanger sequences will leave you gasping for air and possibly grasping your chest to calm your heart down. So many things happen over the course of one day on this show. Sutherland and Haysbert are top-flight performers and they prove to be the biggest assets.

The film is broadcast in the semblance of real time, with each season depicting a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer (starred by Kiefer Sutherland), who works with the United States government as it fights fictitious terrorist threats to the United States. Bauer is often in the field for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit as it tries to safeguard the nation from terrorist threats. The tv show also follows the actions of other CTU agents, government officials and terrorists associated with the plot. The first six seasons of the show were all based in Los Angeles and nearby locations, although occasionally other locations have been featured as well as most notably, Washington, D.C., where a portion of the episodes took place during the fourth and sixth seasons. Departing from tradition, the seventh season is set primarily in Washington, D.C. Season 8 is to take place in New York City. Negotiations will be held shortly to decide if the show will return for a ninth season.

24 has made its mark in television history by being the first show in real time one-hour episodes. Viewers love "24" and can't wait for "24: The Game", the video game version created by Sony for Play Station 2.

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Saved By The Bell

Saved By the Bell was one of the most popular teen television show on NBC. The show focused on Zack Morris and his friends, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, and Lisa Turtle. They had adventures and funny moments at Bayside High School in Palisades, California. They often tried to fool the gullible principal, Mr. Richard Belding, but also sometimes got advice from him. They regularly hung out at a burger joint called "The Max," which was owned in the first season by a magician named Max. As the years went by, they had adventures and relationships that lasted a long time.In the third season, the gang spent the summer at Malibu Sands, an exclusive beach club owned by Mr. Carosi, and his daughter Stacey Carosi, whom Zack fell in love with.The final season saw the arrival of a new castmember, Tori Scott, who took the place of Kelly and Jessie when Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley left the show in mid-season.The show ended with the gang graduating and heading off to college in the spin-off series, Saved by the Bell: the College Years. There was also another spin-off to this show called Saved by the Bell: The New Class. The tv shows began as a series named Good Morning, Miss Bliss, a short-lived series on the Disney Channel that focused on Miss Bliss and the students at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Saved By The Bell was one of the best tv shows that ever aired on Saturday mornings. It wasn't a full show of Emmy quality performances, but it was a television show that was an escape from the everyday pressure that school has on its students. Saved By The Bell centers on a group of friends and their ups and downs through high school. Filled with memorable moments and interesting characters, SBTB is one of the best young adult programs of its time. It has stood the test of time and still remains a popular program. I think it was a comedy show made for the sure purpose of entertaining its young audience for a half an hour. There are a lot of episodes that were pretty amusing. Never again will a generation make such a connection as the one mine did with SBTB, the series starred Mark Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris, the main character who spun in and out of several pretty extreme situation. His main squeeze Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, and the most popular geek Screech, played by Dustin Diamond. Also along for the ride were Slater, Jessie, and Lisa, who made up the rest of the gang. I don't think that it was ever aimed to break the barriers of great television it was what it was.
Saved by the Bell was a really cool comedy show. It brings back to many memories and really made us laugh. It was very funny and also very entertaining. I think the way the kids in Saved by the Bell drive the principle insane by doing dumb things is just great.

The intro and theme music for Saved by the Bell by the bell is just classic. I think that Zach is a really cool character in the show. He is really smooth with the ladies and knows what to say. Also I think that Screech is super funny. Just the way he looks and his voice is funny. But the things he says will have you laughing the whole time. Jessie was the prettiest girl in Saved by the Bell. She is also a really good actress. In fact after she did Saved by the Bell she played Naomi Malone in the hit movie Showgirls.

Saved by the Bell is a comedy show that both children and adults can enjoy. The humor is very funny and the jokes are clean. There are not nasty jokes or nudity in this show, so it is suitable for all ages.
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Clemens re-wrote The Professional almost 10 scripts for the first season sequences and took a direct hands-on approach to the filming.

CI5 (criminal intelligence 5) is a law enforcement division, instructed by the home secretary to utilize any means, which deals with crimes of a sedate and serious nature that go beyond the ability of the police, but aren't tasks for the magical and secret service or military. Shaw and Collins had played villains on an episode of new avengers (obsession) together, and reportedly had not got on with each other. As Shaw was deemed to have more "screen presence" Andrews was dropped,and Clemens hired Collins in his place. In later seasons, with the format traditionalist and the writers and managers familiar with the show, he took a more leisurely approach to the behind the scenes goings-on. Cowley's two best agents are Ray Doyle (shaw) and William Bodie (Collins).

Initially, Anthony Andrews was contracted to play Bodie, but he and shaw did not have the chemistry that Clemens was looking for. The early years of the television show drama featured voluminous and varied stratagems and plots, good scripts and ongoing statesmanship and reputation growth and development of Bodie and Doyle and to a little less extent Cowley, but later seasons featured progressively overused ideas and script gadgets and both Collins and shaw stated they felt the show was becoming stale. The premise permitted the programme-producers to involve a wide number and variety of villains including terrorists, Hitmen, racist groups and espionage suspects, with stratagems and plots occasionally relating to the formal and cold war. Doyle is an ex-detective constable who has worked the seedier components of London, while bodie is an ex-paratrooper, ferocious mercenary and SAS Sergeant. That said, Doyle is more hotheaded and tended to rush in, while bodie waits for the shooting to start.

Although their self-confidence and commitment to Cowley is beyond question, they have no qualms when it comes to disobeying orders if it meant becoming the correct result, either for the case or themselves. Actors Collins and shaw became friends off screen but was successful to keep up the on screen chemistry and abrasiveness of bodie and Doyle's relationship. The choice of name CI5 is possibly inspired by criminal scrutiny and investigation division and mi5. While sequences were broadcast until 1983, sequences were genuinely filmed among 1977 and 1981. While polar opposites, bodie and Doyle have a wide and deep and unchangeable and enduring friendship, and are almost inseparable.

Led by the threatening and formidable George Cowley, ci5 is known for using unconventional and occasionally illegal modes and methods to beat crooks, or as Cowley put it "fight fire with fire! " the use of a fictitious force in this context was somewhat fewer fiery and disputable than the portrayal of the real flying squad on the Sweeney. Ironically,this was the cause Collins was brought in to the production. To commence with,Clemens intended to write two or three establishing sequences and then hand over to other writers,but their scripts were uneven and lacked the energy and pace needed. Of the two, Doyle is the softer, compassionate and more thoughtful statesmanship and reputation, while bodie is ruthless and more willing to take on crooks on their own terms. 
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Unlock the mysteries in Roswell

So what's behind the famous TV show Roswell? Have you heard of the Roswell UFO Incident? Well, it was the alleged recovery of alien debris, including corpses, from an object which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on or about July 8, 1947. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object which crashed. The United States military maintains that what was actually recovered was debris from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named, Mogu.

However, many UFO proponents maintain that in fact a crashed alien craft and bodies were recovered, and the military then engaged in a cover-up. The incident has turned into a widely known pop culture phenomenon, making the name Roswell synonymous with UFOs. Generally, it ranks as one of the most publicized and controversial UFO incidents ever. In response to these reports, and after congressional inquiries, the General Accounting Office launched an inquiry and directed the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force to conduct an internal investigation. The result was summarized in two reports.

The first, was released in 1995 stated that the reported recovered material in 1947 was likely debris from a secret government program called Project Mogul, which involved high altitude balloons meant to detect sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb tests and ballistic missiles. The second report, was released in 1997 concluded that reports of recovered alien bodies were likely a combination of innocently transformed memories of military accidents involving injured or killed personnel; innocently transformed memories of the recovery of anthropomorphic dummies in military programs like Project High Dive conducted in the 1950s; and hoaxes perpetrated by various witnesses and UFO proponents. The psychological effects of time compression and confusion about when events occurred explained the discrepancy with the years in question. These reports were dismissed by UFO proponents as being either disinformation or simply implausible. However, significant numbers of UFO researchers discount the probability that the incident had anything to do with aliens.

Maybe because of the incident, the Roswell TV show was originated. American science fiction television series developed, produced, and co-written by Jason Katims. The sci-fi tv series debuted on October 6, 1999. The last episode aired around May 2002. In the United Kingdom, the TV series aired as both Roswell High and Roswell. The series pilot is based on the Roswell High young adult book series, written by Melinda Metz and edited by Laura J. Burns, who became staff writers for the television series. The show was set in Roswell, New Mexico, site of the 1947 UFO crash popularly known as The Roswell Incident. A story of four teenagers depicted as aliens who appear to be human. Central to the plot are Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding, who survived the Roswell crash to hatch from incubation pods in 1989, emerging as six year old humans in appearance, but secretly aware of their difference. The relationships between the extraterrestrials and their human companions are a central theme, particularly between leading characters Max Evans and Liz Parker. The three seasons follow the extraterrestrial as they attempt to prevent being discovered by the FBI, the sheriff, and learn more about their alien powers. They also attempt to figure out how to get back to their home planet. The background plot suggests that the four were sent to Earth as cloned replacements for the royalty of Antar, an alien planet. Their counterparts died in a war, and the "Royal Four" were meant to one day return to Antar to save their race.

Till now there is no proofs that the UFO existed in Roswell. It may not be the best Sci-fi shows but you will definitely see yourself in one or more of the characters, and then you will relate in ways you would never have imagined. So enjoy watching the DVD collection of Roswell.

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The Adventures of Lilo and Stitch

lilo and stitch, dvd
There's so much adventures in the hit TV series Lilo and Stitch. A story of a Hawaiian girl named, “ Lilo” who befriends, “ Stitch,” a multi-talented alien and the result of a once-evil scientist's lab experiment but for Lilo she's a little dog. The TV series version finds Lilo and Stitch teaming up to track down some 625 similar alien experiments, whose special skills bade fare to plunge the world into hilarious chaos.

To know more about the show, Dr. Jumba Jookiba is put on trial by the galactic governing body for illegal genetic experiments, including Experiment 626, an aggressive and cunning creature that is nearly indestructible. Jumba is imprisoned while 626 is set to be exiled on an asteroid. However, during transport on Captain Gantu's ship, 626 escapes to the planet Earth.

The Grand Councilwoman orders Jumba to work with Agent Pleakley to recover 626 discreetly. 626 survives his escape attempt to Earth, landing in Hawaii, but is knocked unconscious by a passing truck, and is taken to an animal shelter because he is to believed a breed of dog. After the recent death of their parents in a car accident, 19-year-old Nani Pelekai is looking after her younger, more rambunctious sister Lilo. They are visited by Cobra Bubbles, a social worker, who is concerned that Nani cannot take care of Lilo appropriately. The social worker is considering taking Lilo into foster care, however, Nani is very much against this idea as Lilo and her are the only remaining members of her family. After hearing Lilo's prayer in her room asking for a friend (Lilo has no 'real' friends because every girl in her class bullies her), Nani agrees to allow Lilo to adopt a dog. As Nani goes around attempting to find a job, she is forced to bring Lilo and Stitch with her. Lilo uses the time to try to curb Stitch's aggressiveness by making him behave like Elvis Presley. Stitch's antics, although at times they foil Jumba and Pleakley's attempts to capture him, also ruin Nani's chances of getting a job. David, Nani's "boyfriend", sees Nani at the beach, where she had been trying to get a job as a lifeguard.

So what makes Lilo and stitch a huge hit for kids? strays a bit from the cut and dry Disney formula and infuses itself with some very clever and demented humor, which is quite a refreshing change and is probably one of the reasons it did so well in theaters. Another thing that made kids loves this show is because the animation is even fresh for a Disney film, with a return to a very traditional hand drawn look with very little use of computer graphics. Character designs consist of very round and warm shapes along with beautiful watercolor backgrounds for the Hawaiian locations that the story takes place in, relaxing and realistic scenery.

A definitely must see DVD for your kids. Your family will surely enjoy Lilo and Stitch!

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Join the Adventure of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

tv series, tv show
One of the best, most under rated television shows of the early 1990s was The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on ABC. Did you know that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was based on the Indiana Jones series of films? The TV series  was a follow up on the adventures of young Indiana Jones till he grew up and experienced early adventures, where he gets into troubles, learn more lessons in life and meet various historical figures along the way.

The show primarily starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier as the title character, and George Hall played an elderly version of the character for the bookends of most episodes, though Harrison Ford book-ended one episode. The show was created and executive produced by George Lucas, who also created, co-wrote and executive produced the Indiana Jones feature films. Following the series' cancellation, four TV movies were produced from 1994 to 1996 which were based on the series. The TV show provided a lot of the flashbacks for the films. His relationship with his father, was first introduced in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was further fleshed out with stories about his travels with his father as a young boy. His original hunt for the Eye of the Peacock, a large diamond was also seen in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a recurring element in several stories. The show also chronicled his activities during World War I and his first solo adventures. The series is also referenced in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, when Indy describes his adventures with Pancho Villa chronicled in the first episode to Mutt Williams.

For those who don’t know how it was made, during the production of the Indiana Jones feature films, the cast and crew frequently questioned creator George Lucas about the Indiana Jones character's life growing up. During the concept stages of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lucas and director Steven Spielberg decided to reveal some of this back story in the film's opening scenes. For these scenes, Lucas chose River Phoenix to portray the character, as Harrison Ford believed that Phoenix most resembled Ford as a young man. This decision to reveal an adventure of a young Indiana led Lucas and crew to the idea of creating the series. The series was shot in three stages. The first production occurred from 1991 to 1992, and consist of sixteen episodes; five with younger Indy, ten with older Indy, and one with both—for a total of seventeen television hours. The second production occurred from 1992 to 1993 and consist of twelve episodes; one with younger Indy and eleven with older Indy, for a total of fifteen television hours. The third and final production occurred from 1994 to 1995, and consist of four made-for-television movies, for a total of eight television hours. In 1996, additional filming was done in order to re-edit the entire series into twenty-two feature films.

Here is another trivia for the fans of The Indiana Jones, the series was filmed in 23 different countries, traveling over 165,000 miles approximately six times around the world. Cast and crew shot for 152 weeks, making this the longest location shoot in history at that time. The series featured over 1.500 speaking parts, 50.000 extra's for whom over 120, 0000 meals were served. Enough 16-millimeter film was shot to go from New York to Phoenix.

So what are you waiting for? Make your life full of adventures and grab this amazing DVD collection of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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The Memoirs of Band of Brothers: Heroes of our time-Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers, dvd collectionDid you know that the Band of Brothers is a 2001 ten part television World War II miniseries based on the book of the same title written by historian and biographer Stephen Ambrose? It was executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks after their collaboration on the World War II film, “Saving Private Ryan,” in 1998. The first episode was aired in 2001 on HBO and are still running frequently on various TV networks around the world. A story about a true and incredible odyssey of Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Screaming Eagles Airborne Division, U.S. Army from their formation in Georgia 1942 to Berlin and the end of the war in Europe 1945. The demand for, and on, elite paratroopers was unending and they were deployed as the tip of the spear of every major allied offensive the Western Front. Jumping behind enemy lines, often without critical equipment and supplies or lacking enough rest and under terrible conditions, they saw more than their share of hard combat and E Company itself.

There are so many reasons why the series became a hit. For one, as mentioned, it is based on a true story. One of the famous figures in the story was Major Richard Winters, a young lieutenant, Winters volunteered for the fledgling 506th PIR, which was later absorbed into the 101st. He served as a platoon leader and company executive officer in Easy Company during its formative period at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, and later as it prepared for war in North Carolina and England. When Easy's company commander was killed on D-Day, Winters took over and led the company during the Normandy and Market Garden campaigns. He earned the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions against a German artillery battery on D-Day and was promoted to captain. Beloved by his men and respected by his superiors, Winters is considered by many to have been World War II's best company commander.

The series received numerous recognitions and awards. The series was nominated for nineteen Emmy Awards, and won six, including "Outstanding miniseries," "Outstanding Casting for a miniseries, Movie, or a Special," and "Outstanding Directing for a miniseries, Movie, or a Dramatic Special." It also won a Golden Globe for "Best miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television," an American Film Institute award, and was selected for a Peabody Award. The premiere of Band of Brothers on 9 September 2001, drew 10 million viewers. However, two days later the September 11, 2001, attacks occurred and HBO immediately ceased its marketing campaign. The second episode nonetheless drew 7.3 million viewers.

So what makes Band of the Brothers different from other war films? Some of the greatest films of all time depict the glory and horrors of combat. In the story of Band of Brothers, the leaders invested in their long term team players and trust them implicitly. In the case of EZ Co. and the US Army, it was the NCO’s, or non-commissioned officers. These were basically middle management and the key to maintaining morale and focus with the troops. Another lesson in the story, the leaders lead the way. They make the right decisions, and even if it is not the right decision, they are always decisive. And lastly, the leaders seek to understand and have empathy for the people who follow them.

Whether you are familiar with this story or not, I recommend this mini-series highly enough! So grab this amazing DVD collection not only for you to entertain but gives you the knowledge about the sacrifices of American soldiers who gave their lives to protect mankind.

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Feeling The Beach On TV

baywatch, tv episodesProbably one of the most memorable series ever aired on TV is Baywatch. Viewers got a yearlong taste of summer right in the homes, plus a good watch. And the series was such a hit not only in the US but around the world (even those places without beaches) around the world as well.

Obviously, from the title itself, the series is set in a beach. The TV episodes primarily focuses on the character of Mitch Buchannon, played by David Hasselhoff (also of Knight Rider fame) as he serves as a lifeguard in beach in California. He is join by fellow officers in ensuring the safety, not only of the beach going public, but also of all the people living in their community. Each episode have them resolve incidents ranging from near drownings to hostage takings. The show also explored the various interpersonal relationships between the officers, as well as between Mitch and his son. Hobie (Brandon Call as a child and later Jeremy Jackson as a teenager).

Running for more than ten years, Baywatch was especially popular with the male audiences. After all, you get to see all the girls in swimsuits all throughout the episode the show helped a lot in launching the careers of now famous actresses and models like Pamela Anderson Lee and Brooke Burns. After their appearances in the series, the two became quite in demand for both TV and film. However, it was not only the men who took to the show. The ladies also got to watch Baywatch, mainly be cause of Hasselhoff, but also for the other hunky male life guards.

But the series is not only all about sexy bodies. In fact, it has a very good story to complement the very good bodies. The conflicts are very solid and true to life. And the show had a very good characterization for the cast, which gave them much depth. One of the of the best plot lines in the series is the relationship between Mitch and Hobie. The series saw Hobie's growth from a kid to a young adult, while Mitch tries to raise him alone in the best way he can. This is seen by many audiences as a mirror of their own problems in raising their kids.

The series is very popular that it ran for eleven seasons. After its initial run, the series still enjoys a massive amount of reruns, not only in the US, but also in other countries as well. The show was also popular enough to spawn a spin off entitled Baywatch Nights and a movie. The series also holds the Guiness Book of Record of being the most watched TV series during its time, with a total of 1.1 billion viewers around the globe.

Also, many homages and parodies have been made of its now iconic opening sequence, adding to its legacy.

So if you want to have some nostalgia and feel the beach without going out, the Baywatch DVD is definitely the one you should have with you.

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Reminiscing By The Creek

dawson's creek, television seriesWhether in real life or in the boob tube, teen dramas are always very popular among viewers, even those way, way past their teens. After all, everyone wants to reminisce their younger days. And this is the very same reason that Dawson's Creek is still very much popular today, long after it went off the air.

For those not familiar with the show, Dawson's Creek is about the teenager Dawson Leery. The series focuses on his and his friends lives as they live out their teenage years in a small suburban town. Each episode tackles the issues and problems that they encounter while growing up. The Creek in the title comes from the small stream where the group usually hangs out and features prominently as the central setting of the story.

Because of its popularity, Dawson's Creek also served as the launchpad for the careers of several well known actors and actresses including the Leads James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes (though Holmes would later prove to be more successful than Van Der Beek). While the show was initially met with a rather violent reaction from parents and other groups due to its non conventional nature. However, the show later proves its worth and lasted for six seasons. The show also became widely popular in other countries outside the United States.

So what makes Dawson's Creek really that endearing? One thing would be its story. Rather than pepper everything with cheesy lines and musical numbers that were, and still are, much a part of teen shows and movies (“cough” High School Musical “cough”). The series decided to go to a much bolder alternative. The show went on to tackle contemporary and real life issues that affects teens. One particular topic that the series was bold enough to talk about was sex, which pretty much earned the ire of older people. However, this actually made younger viewers relate more to the show.

Another thing that made teens love this television series are the characters. Instead of the stereotypical cute or gorgeous characters, the show had a cast of rather realistic people (the actors and actresses are non the less still pretty). Each character has a flaw in them that is similar to that of real life teens. One good example is that of Dawson, which was based on series creator Kevin Williamson's life.

The production is also very much an area of praise for the series. Rather than being grand and flashy, the show opted more to employ a more subtle camera work in order to highlight its topics. The scenes were also film on location rather than inside a studio. The music of the series is also pretty good, featuring upbeat songs suitable for the audience.

So for those in the mood for a few light moments, Dawson's Creek will surely bring back memories of that wonderful teenage life you yourself experienced.

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Into The Fashion World of Sex and the City

Sex and the CityAre you a fan of branded clothes and shoes like Manolo, Gucci, Prada and a lot more? Then you'll find this TV show perfect for you! The characters of HBO’s Sex and the City into small screen fashion icons and have sparked trends ranging from high-end designer bags to clothing. Who would not love the clothes and shoes of Carrie, definitely has the most fashionable wardrobe of all the Sex and the City girls.

The television show focused on Carrie and her close friends, three in their mid-thirties and one in her forties. Mostly examines the lives of big city professional women in the late 1990s and how changing roles and expectations for women affected the characters. The major characters in this show, Carrie Bradshaw, is said to be the narrator of each TV episodes. Each episode is structured around her thoughts while writing her weekly column Sex and the City for the newspaper “the New York Star.” A member of the New York glitterati, she is a club/bar/restaurant staple who is known for her unique fashion sense particularly footwear: Manolo Blahnik to be precise. She works on her laptop in her apartment, writing newspaper articles focusing on the different aspects of a relationship. In later seasons, her essays are collected as a book and she begins taking assignments from Vogue and New York Magazine.

Carrie is house-proud on her one-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment in Upper East Side brownstone. A simple yet open-minded girl looking for one perfect love, but also having fun in the process. She experienced both happiness in her independence and loneliness, and is probably the most relative to normal everyday to each females that most can relate to her. Despite several long-term boyfriends, Carrie is entangled with "Mr. Big" in a complicated, multifaceted on-and-off-again kind of relationship. Samantha Jones, the oldest and most sexually confident of the foursome. Samantha is an independent businesswoman, with a career in public relations. She is confident, strong, outspoken, and calls herself a "try-sexual". One of Samantha's best qualities is her loyalty to her friends. Charlotte York works in an art gallery and has had a conventional Connecticut upbringing. She is the most optimistic of the group, the one who places the most emphasis on emotional love as opposed to lust, and is a true romantic; always searching for her "knight in shining armor." She scoffs at the lewder, more libertine antics of her friends primarily Samantha, presenting a more traditional attitude about relationships, usually based around "the rules" of love and dating. Despite her traditional outlook, she has been known to make concessions while married that even surprise her more sexually liberated girlfriends. Charlotte was a "straight A" student who attended Smith College where she was a member of Kappa Kappa majoring in art history with a minor in finance. Lastly, Miranda Hobbes, a career-minded lawyer with extremely cynical views on relationships and men. A Harvard Law School graduate from Philadelphia with two siblings, she is Carrie's best friend, confidante, and voice of reason. In the early seasons, she portrayed as masculine, but her image softens over the years, particularly after she becomes pregnant by her on/off boyfriend, Steve Brady, whom she eventually marries. The birth of her son, Brady Hobbes, brought up new issues for her Type A, workaholic personality, but she soon finds a way to balance career, being single and motherhood.

What it makes more interesting in the show is that no villain is present for the women to overcome. No one is standing in the way of each woman’s happiness except themselves. Carrie is not craving for Big’s attention with a rival the problems are in the relationships. So what makes Sex and the City different from other shows? It was one of the highest rated TV series of the season. I give credits to the cast because without them the show wouldn't be successful! The good thing about this show is that the female characters of Sex and the City might be unreal, but they can teach us how to find love and keep it.

So from this, we can expect some new ideas but I'm sure that we'll see the latest trends in designer clothing, shoes and designer handbags. So grab your popcorn and seat on the couch, and start watching this amazing DVD collection of Sex and the City.

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In The Middle Of It All

malcolm in the middle,tv comedy dvd, dvd sale  Sitcoms are pretty much a part of networks' prime time blocks. There are countless ones premiering almost every night. Some of them stay and some go only after several episodes. And most of them are often very alike such that you won't be able to tell one from the other.

And then there's Malcolm in the Middle. While still adhering to the tried and tested sitcom formula, the show was able to break away from the pack with its unique brand of humor. Even without the aid of slapstick gags, it was still good enough to pull off laughs through its rather witty dialog.

As the title says, the series focuses on the character of Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz. Malcolm is the middle child in a brood of five and often in the center of the hilarious mishaps that happen to his family, hence again the title. Earlier seasons of the show focused on Malcolm's quirky experiences while growing up as a teenager and dealing with his eccentric family. Later on in the series, other characters get to share the limelight when they were explored more.

The main draw of the series is of course its humor. Making good on its classification as a sitcom, the show presented a funny take on everyday happenings. Also, as mentioned, the series doesn't rely much on slapstick comedy. Instead, it uses witty liners and jokes for most of its humor. The show is also made even funnier by its attempt to play upon the stereotypes common in drama shows, itself being shot in the style of most soap operas.

Another unique aspect of Malcolm in the Middle's humor is the oftentimes breaking of the fourth wall. To those not familiar with the term, it happens when a character in the show suddenly talks directly to the audience and treats them as part of the show. The technique is not frequently used by sitcoms, making Malcolm in the Middle very unique. And the show does make good use of it. There were even some instances where the characters make comments that everything happening is just in the script (often making fun of the scriptwriter himself in the process). This definitely pulls out all the laughs from viewers.

Another memorable thing about this show is the opening sequence. Each episode features a clip from a particular film or TV series before the title flashes. As anyone who have watched the series knows, the clip turns out to be totally unrelated to anything in the episode. But you will still end up laughing anyway, as you scratch your head as to why it was there in the first place.

And luckily for the show, its antics worked. It lasted for more than six years and reaped many awards on the way. And it you are looking for a good TV comedy DVD to watch, The Malcolm in the Middle DVD is definitely a good choice.

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Follow The Antics Of The Nanny

the nanny,tv comedy dvdEverybody sure love a good old family comedy. And there are countless of them being shown by TV networks everyday. Some come and go rather quickly, while other last a little longer. And then, there are the ones which last long after they are off the air.

The Nanny definitely belongs to the latter. Mixing its own brand of comedy with that relevant family issues, the show presents a rather light-hearted look at the lives the members of a rather interesting family.

The show follows Fran Fine, played by Fran Drescher, as she serves as a nanny for the kids of a wealthy man from England. The television episodes has Fran trying to resolve various problems that befall the family, while staving off various pesky characters from messing up the lives of her wards. Later in the series, both Fran and her boss Maxwell Seinfield fell in love with each other and got married. Oddly enough, the title was retained even after the marriage, probably due to its recall, even if Fran is technically not a nanny anymore.

The main draw of the show, as in any other sitcom, is its comedy. However, what makes The Nanny really good is its balance between slapstick humor and intelligent jokes. The show is well known for its remarkably witty one liners and throwbacks delivered by Drescher. Also, while the show does hap slapstick jokes, they are much more controlled than other sitcoms, which makes them more bearable. Another interesting thing that the show gives out is its frequent use of fantasy sequences to add humor to an episode. This is something that totally sets the show apart from other sitcoms being aired during that time.

And of course no sitcom would work this good if it doesn't have really good characters. This part is definitely played out by Drescher very well. It is her remarkable portrayal of Fran that is the very core of the show's success. As a matter of fact, Fran's nasal voice is very much a trademark of the character as her quirky moves and one-liners.

Luckily, the cast also provides a very good support for Drescher. Daniel Davis as the wisecracking butler Niles, proved to be a very good counter to Frans punchlines. And all of the other casts also provided a good amount of humor for the show's six season run.

Interestingly, the show initially had low rating and was up for cancellation during its first season. But the efforts of producer Sagansky and Drescher proved to be fruitful. In fact it became so successful that a Russian remake was done, which also proved so successful that the American writers for the original went on to write episodes for the Russian version.

This definitely warrants The Nanny DVD a good amount of time in your player. You will surely enjoy watching this light-hearted sitcom.

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The first boy's action figure into animated TV series: G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe, DVDs Online The toy line that revolves around an elite counter-terrorist team was also the first action figure doll for boys. G.I. Joe, whose main purpose is to defend human freedom from Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

The name G.I Joe stands for “Government Issued Joe.” In World War II this term was used because everything in a soldier's life in the field was government issued to the point that it seemed the soldiers themselves were government property as well. American's were called “Joe” by many of our foreign allies like we called the French “Frogs” and the British “Limeys” so GI Joe was a term that meant US Soldier.

The first G.I. Joe TV cartoon series was produced by Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions following the success of the toy line by Hasbro. G.I. Joe premiered as a five part mini series on September 1983 and earned high remarks on its animated introduction that is why a second mini series was made entitled, G.I. Joe “The Revenge of Cobra”, on September 1984.The cartoon had its beginnings with two five part mini series then later on became a regular series that ran in syndication from 1985 to 1987. Ron Friedman, is a productive screenwriter most famous for his work on such successful television shows as G.I. Joe, Gilligan's Island and The Transformers. He created the G.I. Joe animated series for television and wrote all four mini series. The fourth mini series was intended to be a feature film, but was released as a television mini series instead because of production difficulties issues. Some says that the GI Joe movie was the modern story of “GI Joe vs Cobra.”

The characters were created by Hasbro about 25 years ago and are popular among the others. The story of GI Joe Team led by Duke who will always fight for freedom wherever there is trouble against the villain , Cobra Commander and his army of Cobra fighters.

For the new fans of G.I Joe, here is some juicy trivia. The Real American Hero was a revival of the original 12 in 30 cm G.I. Joe brand of the 1960s and '70s. After the 12 figure had been absent from toy shelves for a few years, G.I. Joe was re-introduced in a 3+3⁄4 in 9.53 cm action figure format following the success of the Star Wars and Micronauts 3 3/4' scale toy lines. In 1982, prior to the G.I Joe re-launch, a man named Larry Hama developed an idea for a new comic book called Fury Force, which he was thinking would be an ongoing series for Marvel Comics. The original premise had the son of Shield director Nick Fury assembling a team of elite commandos to battle neo-Nazi terrorists Hydra. The idea was mixed, but Hama used the basic premise when he learned of Hasbro's plans to resurrect the G.I. Joe toy line. Each G.I. Joe figure included a character biography, called a "file card". Hama was largely responsible for writing these file cards, especially for the first ten years. When developing many of the characters, he drew much from his own experiences in the US military.

Many of you were probably huge G.I. Joe fans specially since your younger years. If you're just new, then you should start watching G.I Joe Complete DVD collection on your screens!

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Welcome to the world of Mr. Bean

Mr Bean, TV Series, DVDFirst let me give you a brief background about Mr. Bean himself. His real name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, born on January 1955 in Consett, County Durham, England. Attended school in Durham Choristers School, followed by St. Bees School and took Electrical engineering course at New Castle University. Rowan was raised in Anglican with his two elder brothers namely; Rodney Atkinson, a British conservative academic, political and economic commentator, journalist and author. Founder of The Campaign for United Kingdom Conservatism in 1994 and Rupert Atkinson.

Rowan's film career started in 1983 on a supporting role in the James Bond movie, “Never Say Never Again” and a lead role in “Dead on Time with Nigel Hawthorne.” In 1989, he appeared in former “Not the Nine O'Clock News” co-star Mel Smith's directorial debut “The Tall Guy.” He also appeared alongside Anjelica Huston and Mai Zetterling in Roald Dahl's “The Witches” in 1990. In 1993, he played the part of Dexter Hayman in “Hot Shots! Part Deux,” a parody of Rambo III, starring Charlie Sheen. Atkinson, with his turn as a verbally bumbling vicar, gained further recognition in the 1994 hit “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” That same year he was also featured in Walt Disney's “The Lion King” as Zazu the Hornbill. Atkinson continued to appear in supporting roles in successful comedies, including Rat Race (2001), Scooby-Doo (2002), and Love Actually (2003). In addition to his supporting roles, Atkinson also succeed as a leading man. His television character Mr. Bean debuted on the big screen in 1997 with Bean to international success. A sequel, “Mr. Bean's Holiday,” was released in March 2007 and said it may be the last time he will play the character. He has also starred in the James Bond parody “Johnny English” in 2003. Keeping Mum (2005, released in the U.S. in 2006) was a departure for Atkinson, as a straight role.

Here is an extra trivia for those who are wondering how the character of Mr Bean was developed. It was revealed that during his Masters' degree (MSc) in Software Engineering at Oxford University. A sketch featuring the character was being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in the early 1980s. A similar character called Robert Box, played by Rowan, appeared in the one-off 1979 ITV sitcom “Canned Laughter,” which also featured a routine used in the film version. In 1987, one of Mr. Bean's earliest appearances occurred at the "Just For Laughs" comedy festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. When program coordinators were scheduling Atkinson into the festival program, Atkinson insisted to perform on the French-speaking bill rather than the English-speaking program. Having no French dialogue in his act at all, program coordinators could not understand why Atkinson wanted to perform on the French bill. As it turned out, Rowan's act at the festival was a test platform for the Mr. Bean character and Atkinson wanted to see how the silent character's physical comedy would fare on an international stage with a non-English speaking audience.

The name of the character was not decided after the first program had been produced, with a number of other vegetable-influenced names, such as "Mr. Cauliflower," being explored. Rowan Atkinson has cited the earlier comedy character Monsieur Hulot, created by French comedian and director Jacques Tati, as an influence on the character of Mr. Bean.

The story of Mr. Bean was based on a character developed by Rowan Atkinson at university, the series followed the exploits of Mr. Bean, described by Atkinson as "a child in a grown man's body," solving various problems presented by everyday tasks and often causing disruption in the process.

Did you know that during its five year run, the series gained large UK audience figures including 18.74 million for the 1992 episode, "The Trouble With Mr. Bean.” The series has been the recipient of a number of international awards, including the Rose d'Or, creating an enduring effect on popular culture. The show has been sold in over 200 territories worldwide, and has inspired two feature films and an animated cartoon spin-off.

He captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. His movie “Mr. Bean's Holiday” grossed billion dollars worldwide. He's been called “the most embarrassing man on the planet.” So what are you waiting for? Grab now the entire Mr. Bean series DVD and enjoy watching each episodes. Have fun!

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Sing and Dance with the Muppets

The Muppet ShowThe Muppet show was considered as one of the favorite Top TV shows of all time. Featuring Kermit the frog, as the muppet's showrunner; Miss Piggy, a fascinating diva pig; Fozzie bear, a stand up comic bear and acting as Kermit's right hand; Scooter, the goofer whose his uncle owns the theater; Gonzo (also known as the great Gonzo) who is romantically pursuing Camella the chicken.

The concept of the television show is more like a variety show set in a music hall featuring a human guest star. There are a hundred Hollywood stars appeared on the show and eagerly wanted to guest. As a bonus, behind the scenes were included at the end of the show.

Produced by Jim Henson with his team from Sesame Street. Jim Henson, was widely known for being a puppeteer in American history. The man behind the longest children TV program, Sesame Street and the Muppet show. He also a creator of advanced puppets for Return of the Jedi, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Fraggle rock. He was an Emmy award winning TV producer , an Oscar nominated film director, and the founder of The Jim Henson company an American entertainment organization, The Jim Henson foundation and Jim's Henson creature shop.

In 2005, the Muppets launched an award winning web series entitled “Statler and Waldorf. Each series featured the duo Statler and Waldor discussing the upcoming movies in the making. Time Magazine named the series “the 25 sites we can't live without” in 2006. Also won the Silver telly at the 2006 Telly awards for best use of comedy. The show won the People's voice 2007; Webby for Best Comedy Long Form or Series..

Another hit was the Baby Muppets that was aired from September 1984 to December 1990 on CBS. It was based on a sequence in the Muppet film 'The Muppets take Manhattan, where Ms. Piggy imagines what it would be like if she and Kermit the frog grew up together. The series portrayed the early childhood versions of the Muppets living together.

For the DVD releases, Time life began marketing “the best volumes of The Muppet show with six initial volumes 3 episodes on each DVD. In 2002, the collection was available for retail via Columbia Pictures Home Video by which Time life has already released its tenth volume. In February 2004 the film outings were bought by The Walt Disney Company.

In The Muppet show comic book, the series is written and drawn by Roger Langridge. The publication began in 2009 published by Boom! Studios.

So what are you waiting for Sing and Dance with your favorites Muppets. Your kids will surely love this DVD collection.

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Not Your Ordinary TV Drama

the practice, tv series, sharetv.orgTired of the old all too familiar soap operas? Now here's something that is definitely different from the usual fare of non-stop crying scenes found in most TV soaps. The Practice is an engaging television show drama series that is both very intelligent and very heartwarming.

The Practice is a legal drama series that follows the lives and work of the lawyers of the fictional Robert Donell and Associates law firm. Each episode has the firm serving as counsel for various cases. Conflicts also arise between the lawyers themselves which puts in much complications to their work. Most of the series generally focuses head lawyer and the firm's founder Robert “Bobby” Donell (played by Dylan McDermott) and a select few of the attorneys under him.

The series was created by producer David E. Kelly. Kelly is also the creator of other such TV hits such as Boston Public, Ally Mcbeal and Gideon's Crossing. The series also had a spin-off titled Boston Legal, which is also very popular. In an interesting note, since all these TV shows were created by Kelly, audiences can expect to see character from the other series appearing in The Practice every now and then.

So what makes this show really good? One thing is that it is not your regular TV drama. Instead of doing the usual love stories, the show opted to present something that is not usually seen on TV: that about lawyers. Also, as have been said before, the series is not your usual crying fare, as it also include a lot of witty humor.

The series also gets its amazing appeal from its cast. Instead of the stern face and businesslike demeanor that is the common stereotype of lawyers, the characters are presented in a rather more realistic way. The lawyers' problems and dilemmas are also not that simple. Some episodes even focus on characters' guilt over cases that they lost, or otherwise won though dubious means. This makes it easier for audiences to relate an empathize with the characters, instead of seeing them as high brow professionals.

Another thing that you will definitely, like about series is the courtroom drama. The series has been noted by critics for its realistic portrayal of what really is happening in and out of a court hearing. Also, instead of bombarding the viewer with unpronounceable legal terms, the series opted to show and explain what these mean in layman's terms. Thus, the audience won't be left in the dark as to what the lawyers are talking about. They would, in fact, learn a thing or two about court procedures from the show.

So for both fans and non fans alike, The Practice DVD will surely prove to be a very engaging watch. You will definitely be mumbling like a lawyer after watching this.

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You Will Definitely Be Touched

touched by an angel,tv series,images.amazonNow here's a TV show that's definitely worth watching by the whole family. Different from all the hack and slash and gritty violence seen on TV, Touched by an Angel instead focuses on a heartwarming story about angels. And the show does have an inspirational message for its viewers.

The show follows the exploits of four angels as they help out people who are experiencing tough times. Each episode of the series as the angels assist these people in making the right decisions. The angels also have to face their own problems.

Unlike the usual depiction of angels seen on TV, with all the wings, halos and glowing lights, Touched by an Angel took a very different and novel approach. The angels are portrayed in a more mundane manner. They are also shown interacting with other people in a more normal manner.

Also, instead of the usual magical and fantastical stuff that is also a standards of these genre, the show gives a more realistic view on how to solve a person's problem. The solutions comes in the form of advices and conversations with the person needing help. These makes the advices hit not only the characters in the show more but also the viewers as well, since the situations presented mirror those the many often face in real life.

This actually, is the biggest point why Touched by an Angel was such a huge success. Many of the stories featured are drawn from real life scenarios. Also instead of being preachy and sounding like a religious program, the show presented its views in a manner that people of differing believes can all relate to. The show also was very courageous in dealing with certain topics that are often hard to tackle, such as death and dying and accepting them. These topics add to the tone of hope and faith that is very much present in the series.

In addition to the great plot, the show also has an interesting mix of characters that complement it. The angels themselves are presented rather uniquely. Instead of looking supernatural and mystical, they are portrayed as more like normal people struggling with their jobs, in these case, helping out change human lives. Each of the four angels that were feature in show also have their unique personalities and quirks. Monica (played by Roma Downey), the lead character, is still adjusting on her new position as a messenger for God and is addicted to coffee. On the other hand, her supervisor, the angel Tess (Della Reese) is more outspoken and frank, but is also supportive of Monica. The duo are joined by Andrew (John Dye), and Angel of Death, and Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli), an inexperienced angel.

Overall, Touch by an Angel made good on its promise by delivering enlightening message. And if you do want to experience it, the TV series DVD is definitely one for your collection.

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Exploring the World of Star Trek the New Generation

Star trek the next generation dvdThe longest running Sci-fi TV series is Star Trek the Next Generation, An award winning tv series that has been aired since 1987. It won several awards like Emmy (took home 18 awards on their 7th season) and become the first syndicated TV show to be nominated for the Emmy for the best drama TV series category. Other nominations includes Hugo and also won an award for excellence in TV programming on its first episode entitled, “The Big Goodbye.”

Created and produced by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek the New Generation became an American Science TV Fiction. The episodes follows the adventures of the crew of the Galaxy class USS enterprise, a 24th century star ship. As the United federation of Planets flagship, described as an interstellar federal polity. The Enterprise is designed for both exploration and diplomacy but if necessary also in combat situations. The Enterprise's crew contact and discovers a lot of races and species whom they interact as part of their human condition exploration.

The first season of the series was released on DVD in March 2002. The six first season episodes were each nominated for an Emmy award. Won the following awards for outstanding editing sound for series, outstanding costume design for a series and outstanding achievement in Makeup for a series. In the second season, the five second season episodes were nominated for six Emmy and won the outstanding sound editing for a series and outstanding sound mixing for a dram series. On its six third season episodes it was nominated for eight Emmy and won for both outstanding sound editing for a series and best Art direction for a series. In its fourth season episodes were nominated for eight Emmy and won both for outstanding sound editing in a series and outstanding sound mixing for a series. Seventh fifth season episodes were nominated for eight Emmy and won the following awards such as outstanding individual achievement in costume design for a series, outstanding individual achievement in Makeup for a series, outstanding individual achievement in Special Visual effects and Hugo award for best dramatic presentation. The sixth season episodes were nominated for Emmy and won both the following awards; outstanding individual achievement in Costume design for a series and outstanding individual achievement in Hairstyling for a series. Lastly on its seventh season were nominated for nine Emmy. In 2008, Empire placed Star Trek on their list of the “the 50 greatest TV shows of all time.

So if you're thinking if watching Star Trek the Next Generation is worth of your time, then answer is – Yes! Its highly recommended to add this amazing TV series on your DVD collection and make your life entertaining.

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A Horror fan or not -Poltergeist the legacy

Poltergeist the legacy dvd
To all the fans of horror films, then it is a must for you to see Poltergeist the legacy, A TV series turned into big screen that made it popular few years ago. A Canadian/American horror TV drama popularized during late 90s which lasted for 4 seasons with a total of 22 episodes. The series also bagged several nominations from award giving bodies like Gemini (for best performance), Saturn (for best genre TV actress) and CableAce (for actor in a dramatic or series). This horror serial was created by Richard Barton Lewis and directed by Gary Sherman. The first season of Poltergeist was released by the Sony pictures home entertainment on February 7, 2006.

A story of members of a secret society known as “the legacy,” and established to gather ancient knowledge and artifacts to solve paranormal dilemmas. Each episodes compose of different paranormal stories and the objective of the group is to struggle and defeat all forms of evil such as vampires, demons, werewolves, and the like. As the legacy continues to grow, branches across the world has been established. Each house is ruled by a precept who wears a signet ring engraved, “distinctive L.” The members of the legacy society search and discover each secret of terrors and continue to defend the world from evil and darkness. The first season of the TV series are mostly set in a castle like mansion which they called “San Francisco house.”

In an interview with Jordan Bayne, he mentioned that in one episode a scene in which they tried several times to get down but in the end it was dropped for the reason that kept on cracking up when no one could get one word all on cue. As a result, it ended up going to Derek and changed the venue from control room to secret vault where he discovered.
As a hanging question, Is Poltergeist the legacy worth of your time? Whether your answer is Yes or No, Honestly it's not that impressive because of the props setting were produced in early 90s compared to other series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the X-files that use high tech equipments. Let's still give extra credits to the cast members who did their very best to portray their roles.

Whether you're are a fan of horror serials or not, this is still a good investment to buy Poltergeist the Legacy DVD and add it on your DVD Collection.

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Roll out with The Transformers

transformers dvd, tv series,

First aired in the USA in September 1984 followed by United Kingdom in 1985, Transformers is considered to be one of the most famous TV cartoon series that has been aired during early 80s. Most watched by people of all ages, and this animated series gained a lot of fans since then until the present time.

A story about the race of transformers that has been divided into two main clans mainly the Autobots and Decepticons. Autobots led by Optimus Prime who wished for peaceful co-existence while Megatron, leader of Decepticons, who wants to conquer the universe. These robots can transform themselves into vehicles and other amazing objects. A battle between good versus evil. These robots became popular all over the world. As Bumblebee were truly adored by kids and Optimus Prime as a perfect leader and inspiration to all.

Written and recorded in America followed by airing the animated series in Japan entitled, “ATAKAE Cho Robot Seimeitai Transformer.” The series were conceptualized and originated based from the line of transforming toys created by Japanese toy manufacturer, Takara and developed into the Transformers line by Hasbro, a famous American toy licensing company.

Choosing the right path is the moral lesson of this animated TV Series. As we encounter struggles in life, we should choose the right path. As the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime is considered to be the bravest, strongest and the most compassionate. His role is to protect the Earth along with Bumblebee, Brawn, Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, Hound, Gears, Huffer, Ironhide, Jazz, Mirage, Windcharger, Hauler, Wheel jack, Trailbreaker, Sunstreaker, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Prowl.
Meanwhile, there are several interpretations of Megatron's character in this series. Oftentimes, like many other villains in the Transformers, Megatron is not usually depicted as brutal. In fact, he is very hostile but rather his character has a unique justification behind all of his actions. The Decepticons are Starscream, Sky warp, Thunder cracker, Reflector, Sound wave and his cassette spies Laser beak, Buzz saw, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy, and Shockwave.

This is such a great DVD collection, as Transformers will always be our favorite animated TV series to watch.

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Get enchanted with Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast dvdFor the fans of Disney animated films, Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's greatest animated achievements and considered as one of the most celebrated animated films of all time. It is also the first animated film that was nominated for six Academy Awards and won best picture.

For those who don’t know how it was made, Beauty and the beast originated and was first published by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in La jeune américaine et les contes marins. Later on, the popular written version by Mme Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, in Magasin des enfants, ou dialogues entre une sage gouvernante et plusieurs de ses élèves, an English translation emerged which in fact was a synopsis of Villeneuve's work. Then the animated film was released in theaters in 1991.

It's a story of a young prince who lives in a castle although he had everything his heart could wish for but he was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. One winter's night an old woman appeared in the castle, begged for food and shelter but instead of helping the old woman the prince refused to give and drives away the old woman. Suddenly the old woman turned into a beautiful maiden. The prince tried to apologize, but it was far too late, for maiden had seen that there was no love in his heart as a punishment, the prince was transformed into a beast. To be able to return to its old self as human being, he need to learn on how to love before he reach his 21st birthday. Eventually the Beast falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Belle. Things didn’t go smoothly as the beast encountered several obstacles given by the villagers and to the man who likes Belle to be his future wife, Gaston. At the end the couple were able to fight back and live happily ever after and broke the spell and return to his orginal self.

So what makes Beauty and the beast different from the other Disney films? Unlike Cinderella and the other films, Beauty and the beast has an enchanting animated musical that is thoroughly interesting and charming from start to finish. The story seemed realistic. You will be mesmerized by the story, the characters, and the beauty of the animation especially the character of Belle who portrays a beautiful girl inside and out.

It’s just not an ordinary animated film you would watch every day it has a beautiful lesson for the kids and adults. Although this movie is aimed at kids, I expect grownups will also enjoy it.

Beauty and the Beast is the ideal "must have DVD collection" that your family and kids would definitely enjoy!

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