Not Your Ordinary TV Drama

the practice, tv series, sharetv.orgTired of the old all too familiar soap operas? Now here's something that is definitely different from the usual fare of non-stop crying scenes found in most TV soaps. The Practice is an engaging television show drama series that is both very intelligent and very heartwarming.

The Practice is a legal drama series that follows the lives and work of the lawyers of the fictional Robert Donell and Associates law firm. Each episode has the firm serving as counsel for various cases. Conflicts also arise between the lawyers themselves which puts in much complications to their work. Most of the series generally focuses head lawyer and the firm's founder Robert “Bobby” Donell (played by Dylan McDermott) and a select few of the attorneys under him.

The series was created by producer David E. Kelly. Kelly is also the creator of other such TV hits such as Boston Public, Ally Mcbeal and Gideon's Crossing. The series also had a spin-off titled Boston Legal, which is also very popular. In an interesting note, since all these TV shows were created by Kelly, audiences can expect to see character from the other series appearing in The Practice every now and then.

So what makes this show really good? One thing is that it is not your regular TV drama. Instead of doing the usual love stories, the show opted to present something that is not usually seen on TV: that about lawyers. Also, as have been said before, the series is not your usual crying fare, as it also include a lot of witty humor.

The series also gets its amazing appeal from its cast. Instead of the stern face and businesslike demeanor that is the common stereotype of lawyers, the characters are presented in a rather more realistic way. The lawyers' problems and dilemmas are also not that simple. Some episodes even focus on characters' guilt over cases that they lost, or otherwise won though dubious means. This makes it easier for audiences to relate an empathize with the characters, instead of seeing them as high brow professionals.

Another thing that you will definitely, like about series is the courtroom drama. The series has been noted by critics for its realistic portrayal of what really is happening in and out of a court hearing. Also, instead of bombarding the viewer with unpronounceable legal terms, the series opted to show and explain what these mean in layman's terms. Thus, the audience won't be left in the dark as to what the lawyers are talking about. They would, in fact, learn a thing or two about court procedures from the show.

So for both fans and non fans alike, The Practice DVD will surely prove to be a very engaging watch. You will definitely be mumbling like a lawyer after watching this.

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