In The Middle Of It All

malcolm in the middle,tv comedy dvd, dvd sale  Sitcoms are pretty much a part of networks' prime time blocks. There are countless ones premiering almost every night. Some of them stay and some go only after several episodes. And most of them are often very alike such that you won't be able to tell one from the other.

And then there's Malcolm in the Middle. While still adhering to the tried and tested sitcom formula, the show was able to break away from the pack with its unique brand of humor. Even without the aid of slapstick gags, it was still good enough to pull off laughs through its rather witty dialog.

As the title says, the series focuses on the character of Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz. Malcolm is the middle child in a brood of five and often in the center of the hilarious mishaps that happen to his family, hence again the title. Earlier seasons of the show focused on Malcolm's quirky experiences while growing up as a teenager and dealing with his eccentric family. Later on in the series, other characters get to share the limelight when they were explored more.

The main draw of the series is of course its humor. Making good on its classification as a sitcom, the show presented a funny take on everyday happenings. Also, as mentioned, the series doesn't rely much on slapstick comedy. Instead, it uses witty liners and jokes for most of its humor. The show is also made even funnier by its attempt to play upon the stereotypes common in drama shows, itself being shot in the style of most soap operas.

Another unique aspect of Malcolm in the Middle's humor is the oftentimes breaking of the fourth wall. To those not familiar with the term, it happens when a character in the show suddenly talks directly to the audience and treats them as part of the show. The technique is not frequently used by sitcoms, making Malcolm in the Middle very unique. And the show does make good use of it. There were even some instances where the characters make comments that everything happening is just in the script (often making fun of the scriptwriter himself in the process). This definitely pulls out all the laughs from viewers.

Another memorable thing about this show is the opening sequence. Each episode features a clip from a particular film or TV series before the title flashes. As anyone who have watched the series knows, the clip turns out to be totally unrelated to anything in the episode. But you will still end up laughing anyway, as you scratch your head as to why it was there in the first place.

And luckily for the show, its antics worked. It lasted for more than six years and reaped many awards on the way. And it you are looking for a good TV comedy DVD to watch, The Malcolm in the Middle DVD is definitely a good choice.

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