You Will Definitely Be Touched

touched by an angel,tv series,images.amazonNow here's a TV show that's definitely worth watching by the whole family. Different from all the hack and slash and gritty violence seen on TV, Touched by an Angel instead focuses on a heartwarming story about angels. And the show does have an inspirational message for its viewers.

The show follows the exploits of four angels as they help out people who are experiencing tough times. Each episode of the series as the angels assist these people in making the right decisions. The angels also have to face their own problems.

Unlike the usual depiction of angels seen on TV, with all the wings, halos and glowing lights, Touched by an Angel took a very different and novel approach. The angels are portrayed in a more mundane manner. They are also shown interacting with other people in a more normal manner.

Also, instead of the usual magical and fantastical stuff that is also a standards of these genre, the show gives a more realistic view on how to solve a person's problem. The solutions comes in the form of advices and conversations with the person needing help. These makes the advices hit not only the characters in the show more but also the viewers as well, since the situations presented mirror those the many often face in real life.

This actually, is the biggest point why Touched by an Angel was such a huge success. Many of the stories featured are drawn from real life scenarios. Also instead of being preachy and sounding like a religious program, the show presented its views in a manner that people of differing believes can all relate to. The show also was very courageous in dealing with certain topics that are often hard to tackle, such as death and dying and accepting them. These topics add to the tone of hope and faith that is very much present in the series.

In addition to the great plot, the show also has an interesting mix of characters that complement it. The angels themselves are presented rather uniquely. Instead of looking supernatural and mystical, they are portrayed as more like normal people struggling with their jobs, in these case, helping out change human lives. Each of the four angels that were feature in show also have their unique personalities and quirks. Monica (played by Roma Downey), the lead character, is still adjusting on her new position as a messenger for God and is addicted to coffee. On the other hand, her supervisor, the angel Tess (Della Reese) is more outspoken and frank, but is also supportive of Monica. The duo are joined by Andrew (John Dye), and Angel of Death, and Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli), an inexperienced angel.

Overall, Touch by an Angel made good on its promise by delivering enlightening message. And if you do want to experience it, the TV series DVD is definitely one for your collection.

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