Reminiscing By The Creek

dawson's creek, television seriesWhether in real life or in the boob tube, teen dramas are always very popular among viewers, even those way, way past their teens. After all, everyone wants to reminisce their younger days. And this is the very same reason that Dawson's Creek is still very much popular today, long after it went off the air.

For those not familiar with the show, Dawson's Creek is about the teenager Dawson Leery. The series focuses on his and his friends lives as they live out their teenage years in a small suburban town. Each episode tackles the issues and problems that they encounter while growing up. The Creek in the title comes from the small stream where the group usually hangs out and features prominently as the central setting of the story.

Because of its popularity, Dawson's Creek also served as the launchpad for the careers of several well known actors and actresses including the Leads James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes (though Holmes would later prove to be more successful than Van Der Beek). While the show was initially met with a rather violent reaction from parents and other groups due to its non conventional nature. However, the show later proves its worth and lasted for six seasons. The show also became widely popular in other countries outside the United States.

So what makes Dawson's Creek really that endearing? One thing would be its story. Rather than pepper everything with cheesy lines and musical numbers that were, and still are, much a part of teen shows and movies (“cough” High School Musical “cough”). The series decided to go to a much bolder alternative. The show went on to tackle contemporary and real life issues that affects teens. One particular topic that the series was bold enough to talk about was sex, which pretty much earned the ire of older people. However, this actually made younger viewers relate more to the show.

Another thing that made teens love this television series are the characters. Instead of the stereotypical cute or gorgeous characters, the show had a cast of rather realistic people (the actors and actresses are non the less still pretty). Each character has a flaw in them that is similar to that of real life teens. One good example is that of Dawson, which was based on series creator Kevin Williamson's life.

The production is also very much an area of praise for the series. Rather than being grand and flashy, the show opted more to employ a more subtle camera work in order to highlight its topics. The scenes were also film on location rather than inside a studio. The music of the series is also pretty good, featuring upbeat songs suitable for the audience.

So for those in the mood for a few light moments, Dawson's Creek will surely bring back memories of that wonderful teenage life you yourself experienced.

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