Feeling The Beach On TV

baywatch, tv episodesProbably one of the most memorable series ever aired on TV is Baywatch. Viewers got a yearlong taste of summer right in the homes, plus a good watch. And the series was such a hit not only in the US but around the world (even those places without beaches) around the world as well.

Obviously, from the title itself, the series is set in a beach. The TV episodes primarily focuses on the character of Mitch Buchannon, played by David Hasselhoff (also of Knight Rider fame) as he serves as a lifeguard in beach in California. He is join by fellow officers in ensuring the safety, not only of the beach going public, but also of all the people living in their community. Each episode have them resolve incidents ranging from near drownings to hostage takings. The show also explored the various interpersonal relationships between the officers, as well as between Mitch and his son. Hobie (Brandon Call as a child and later Jeremy Jackson as a teenager).

Running for more than ten years, Baywatch was especially popular with the male audiences. After all, you get to see all the girls in swimsuits all throughout the episode the show helped a lot in launching the careers of now famous actresses and models like Pamela Anderson Lee and Brooke Burns. After their appearances in the series, the two became quite in demand for both TV and film. However, it was not only the men who took to the show. The ladies also got to watch Baywatch, mainly be cause of Hasselhoff, but also for the other hunky male life guards.

But the series is not only all about sexy bodies. In fact, it has a very good story to complement the very good bodies. The conflicts are very solid and true to life. And the show had a very good characterization for the cast, which gave them much depth. One of the of the best plot lines in the series is the relationship between Mitch and Hobie. The series saw Hobie's growth from a kid to a young adult, while Mitch tries to raise him alone in the best way he can. This is seen by many audiences as a mirror of their own problems in raising their kids.

The series is very popular that it ran for eleven seasons. After its initial run, the series still enjoys a massive amount of reruns, not only in the US, but also in other countries as well. The show was also popular enough to spawn a spin off entitled Baywatch Nights and a movie. The series also holds the Guiness Book of Record of being the most watched TV series during its time, with a total of 1.1 billion viewers around the globe.

Also, many homages and parodies have been made of its now iconic opening sequence, adding to its legacy.

So if you want to have some nostalgia and feel the beach without going out, the Baywatch DVD is definitely the one you should have with you.

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