Exploring the World of Star Trek the New Generation

Star trek the next generation dvdThe longest running Sci-fi TV series is Star Trek the Next Generation, An award winning tv series that has been aired since 1987. It won several awards like Emmy (took home 18 awards on their 7th season) and become the first syndicated TV show to be nominated for the Emmy for the best drama TV series category. Other nominations includes Hugo and also won an award for excellence in TV programming on its first episode entitled, “The Big Goodbye.”

Created and produced by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek the New Generation became an American Science TV Fiction. The episodes follows the adventures of the crew of the Galaxy class USS enterprise, a 24th century star ship. As the United federation of Planets flagship, described as an interstellar federal polity. The Enterprise is designed for both exploration and diplomacy but if necessary also in combat situations. The Enterprise's crew contact and discovers a lot of races and species whom they interact as part of their human condition exploration.

The first season of the series was released on DVD in March 2002. The six first season episodes were each nominated for an Emmy award. Won the following awards for outstanding editing sound for series, outstanding costume design for a series and outstanding achievement in Makeup for a series. In the second season, the five second season episodes were nominated for six Emmy and won the outstanding sound editing for a series and outstanding sound mixing for a dram series. On its six third season episodes it was nominated for eight Emmy and won for both outstanding sound editing for a series and best Art direction for a series. In its fourth season episodes were nominated for eight Emmy and won both for outstanding sound editing in a series and outstanding sound mixing for a series. Seventh fifth season episodes were nominated for eight Emmy and won the following awards such as outstanding individual achievement in costume design for a series, outstanding individual achievement in Makeup for a series, outstanding individual achievement in Special Visual effects and Hugo award for best dramatic presentation. The sixth season episodes were nominated for Emmy and won both the following awards; outstanding individual achievement in Costume design for a series and outstanding individual achievement in Hairstyling for a series. Lastly on its seventh season were nominated for nine Emmy. In 2008, Empire placed Star Trek on their list of the “the 50 greatest TV shows of all time.

So if you're thinking if watching Star Trek the Next Generation is worth of your time, then answer is – Yes! Its highly recommended to add this amazing TV series on your DVD collection and make your life entertaining.

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A Horror fan or not -Poltergeist the legacy

Poltergeist the legacy dvd
To all the fans of horror films, then it is a must for you to see Poltergeist the legacy, A TV series turned into big screen that made it popular few years ago. A Canadian/American horror TV drama popularized during late 90s which lasted for 4 seasons with a total of 22 episodes. The series also bagged several nominations from award giving bodies like Gemini (for best performance), Saturn (for best genre TV actress) and CableAce (for actor in a dramatic or series). This horror serial was created by Richard Barton Lewis and directed by Gary Sherman. The first season of Poltergeist was released by the Sony pictures home entertainment on February 7, 2006.

A story of members of a secret society known as “the legacy,” and established to gather ancient knowledge and artifacts to solve paranormal dilemmas. Each episodes compose of different paranormal stories and the objective of the group is to struggle and defeat all forms of evil such as vampires, demons, werewolves, and the like. As the legacy continues to grow, branches across the world has been established. Each house is ruled by a precept who wears a signet ring engraved, “distinctive L.” The members of the legacy society search and discover each secret of terrors and continue to defend the world from evil and darkness. The first season of the TV series are mostly set in a castle like mansion which they called “San Francisco house.”

In an interview with Jordan Bayne, he mentioned that in one episode a scene in which they tried several times to get down but in the end it was dropped for the reason that kept on cracking up when no one could get one word all on cue. As a result, it ended up going to Derek and changed the venue from control room to secret vault where he discovered.
As a hanging question, Is Poltergeist the legacy worth of your time? Whether your answer is Yes or No, Honestly it's not that impressive because of the props setting were produced in early 90s compared to other series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the X-files that use high tech equipments. Let's still give extra credits to the cast members who did their very best to portray their roles.

Whether you're are a fan of horror serials or not, this is still a good investment to buy Poltergeist the Legacy DVD and add it on your DVD Collection.

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Roll out with The Transformers

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First aired in the USA in September 1984 followed by United Kingdom in 1985, Transformers is considered to be one of the most famous TV cartoon series that has been aired during early 80s. Most watched by people of all ages, and this animated series gained a lot of fans since then until the present time.

A story about the race of transformers that has been divided into two main clans mainly the Autobots and Decepticons. Autobots led by Optimus Prime who wished for peaceful co-existence while Megatron, leader of Decepticons, who wants to conquer the universe. These robots can transform themselves into vehicles and other amazing objects. A battle between good versus evil. These robots became popular all over the world. As Bumblebee were truly adored by kids and Optimus Prime as a perfect leader and inspiration to all.

Written and recorded in America followed by airing the animated series in Japan entitled, “ATAKAE Cho Robot Seimeitai Transformer.” The series were conceptualized and originated based from the line of transforming toys created by Japanese toy manufacturer, Takara and developed into the Transformers line by Hasbro, a famous American toy licensing company.

Choosing the right path is the moral lesson of this animated TV Series. As we encounter struggles in life, we should choose the right path. As the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime is considered to be the bravest, strongest and the most compassionate. His role is to protect the Earth along with Bumblebee, Brawn, Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, Hound, Gears, Huffer, Ironhide, Jazz, Mirage, Windcharger, Hauler, Wheel jack, Trailbreaker, Sunstreaker, Ratchet, Sideswipe and Prowl.
Meanwhile, there are several interpretations of Megatron's character in this series. Oftentimes, like many other villains in the Transformers, Megatron is not usually depicted as brutal. In fact, he is very hostile but rather his character has a unique justification behind all of his actions. The Decepticons are Starscream, Sky warp, Thunder cracker, Reflector, Sound wave and his cassette spies Laser beak, Buzz saw, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy, and Shockwave.

This is such a great DVD collection, as Transformers will always be our favorite animated TV series to watch.

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Get enchanted with Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast dvdFor the fans of Disney animated films, Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's greatest animated achievements and considered as one of the most celebrated animated films of all time. It is also the first animated film that was nominated for six Academy Awards and won best picture.

For those who don’t know how it was made, Beauty and the beast originated and was first published by Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in La jeune américaine et les contes marins. Later on, the popular written version by Mme Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, in Magasin des enfants, ou dialogues entre une sage gouvernante et plusieurs de ses élèves, an English translation emerged which in fact was a synopsis of Villeneuve's work. Then the animated film was released in theaters in 1991.

It's a story of a young prince who lives in a castle although he had everything his heart could wish for but he was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. One winter's night an old woman appeared in the castle, begged for food and shelter but instead of helping the old woman the prince refused to give and drives away the old woman. Suddenly the old woman turned into a beautiful maiden. The prince tried to apologize, but it was far too late, for maiden had seen that there was no love in his heart as a punishment, the prince was transformed into a beast. To be able to return to its old self as human being, he need to learn on how to love before he reach his 21st birthday. Eventually the Beast falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Belle. Things didn’t go smoothly as the beast encountered several obstacles given by the villagers and to the man who likes Belle to be his future wife, Gaston. At the end the couple were able to fight back and live happily ever after and broke the spell and return to his orginal self.

So what makes Beauty and the beast different from the other Disney films? Unlike Cinderella and the other films, Beauty and the beast has an enchanting animated musical that is thoroughly interesting and charming from start to finish. The story seemed realistic. You will be mesmerized by the story, the characters, and the beauty of the animation especially the character of Belle who portrays a beautiful girl inside and out.

It’s just not an ordinary animated film you would watch every day it has a beautiful lesson for the kids and adults. Although this movie is aimed at kids, I expect grownups will also enjoy it.

Beauty and the Beast is the ideal "must have DVD collection" that your family and kids would definitely enjoy!

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Browsing The Early Edition

Early Edition,seriespt.novmp.comLooking for good TV DVDs on line? Here's one pick that you will definitely find interesting the Early Edition has a really great plot that will surely engage you. The show also makes a good twist on a very popular, which makes it even more unique

The show centers around the idea of foretelling the future. But here, it does it in a different take. Instead of the usual crystal balls or tarot cards, though the story calls for a newspaper. Each day, the protagonist Gary Hudson, played by Kyle Chandler, receives his regular copy of the Chicago Sun Times. The only thing different is that the paper he gets is dated a day later. The paper gives him a chances to see what the day's events, including its tragedies.

Thus, Gary has the opportunity to help others by using the news and predictions printed on the paper to avoid this disasters. This, however, is by no means easy, as he contends with people who don't believe him and try to stop him. And if that's not enough, he also has to deal with the dilemma that he faces in trying to save other people's lives.

The interesting premise is in itself very unique. And the production made sure to add more around it. Instead of the usual flashy special effects expected with these types of story, the show went for something more familiar. Hence, the idea of using the newspaper. It is also an interesting thing to note that the paper that was used for the whole series, The Chicago Sun Times, is actually not fictional at all. It is in fact a real paper published in Chicago. This adds more to the feel of the series' story.

But if you might think that the show is quite episodic and will bore you with recurring themes, you will be lucky to find out that it won't. The series also has a very good over-all plot that is every bit as interesting as its episode formulas. Expect to see Gary's character grow from a simple guy to an idealist when he discovers that he bow has the power to help everybody with the paper. You will also be hooked as Gary faces many dilemmas and disappointments as he finds that, while he is able to foretell the future, he often have no power to change it.

The show also feature a very good mix of supporting characters. There's Gary's friend Chuck (Fisher Stevens), who was initially skeptical of Gary's claim, but later on tries to use the paper for his ow gains once he finds that it is indeed for real. And there's Marissa Clark (Shanesha Davis-Williams), a blind woman who serves as a balance between Chuck and Gary's different views. Williams proves very convincing on her portrayal of the character. There are also several interesting guest roles that makes the show even livelier.

This said, the Early Edition DVD definitely deserves a spot in your player. And there is no need to predict that you are going to love the show.

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Unlocking The Files

the x files, the x files dvdFor fans of sci-fi TV series and mystery shows, The X-Files is perhaps one of the most recognizable in the genre. In fact, the show has become the template on which many other shows of the genre are based. The show also has a huge cult following from all over the world, a testament to its popularity.

For those not in the know, The X-Files was aired by Fox in the 90's through the early 2000's. The show follow FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively, as they investigate paranormal phenomena. The cases that they handle often start out as simple ones, which is slowly revealed to actually be something way out of the ordinary. The series often have Mulder and Scully in conflict with each other because of their differing views, Mulder is a strong believer of the paranormal while Scully is a staunch skeptic.

So what makes the show such a hit? Unlike other science fiction shows, The X-files doesn't rely on flashy gadgets or huge battle scenes to draw audiences. Instead, it attracted and still attracts audience all throughout with its engaging plot and character stories.

Perhaps the main drawing power of the series is its presentation of the paranormal. Instead of going all the way with flashy special effects, the series portrayed them in a subdued manner. Thus the mystery is slowly revealed to the audience. This way, the ultimate consequences of the revelation of “the Truth out there” hits the viewer more.

Each series also feature a unique story that is in itself very interesting. The stories are often related to familiar phenomena such as UFOs, vampires or even ghosts. All of this while still maintaining the integrity of the underlying story in the series.

What adds more to the shows success is the development of the many characters in the series. Mulder and Scully's relationship with each other is at the heart of the shows. Fans followed closely as Mulder's and Scully's relation slowly grows from bickering, to understanding and ultimately, support of each other. The sexual tensions between them has also been a center of debate not only between hard core fans but also academics as well.

The series also provide a very good supporting story which revolves around the government's attempt at stopping the duo from finding more about the real deal about paranormal activities. And since this is a sci-fi TV series, the producers decided to throw in as very good set of visual and special effects to add depth to the story.

So for fans and non-fans alike, it would be a good idea to grab The X-Files DVD. It is definitely one classic that you shouldn't miss for your collection.

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Beetlejuice: Toon For All Ages

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Who says that cartoons and the macabre don't mix. Those who have said it apparently haven't watched Beetlejuice yet. The cartoon is indeed a delight to watch for both kids and adults with an immature brain.

The show follows the daily life (or death, as he is basically dead already) of the obnoxious spirit Beetlejuice and his bubbly human best friend Lydia. The duo travel the Neitherworld and encounter the bizarre and wacky residents of the world. Each episode also has BJ (as he is often called in the show) and Lydia get into bizarre mishaps and crazy adventures.

The series, as you may have already known, is a spin off of the popular '70's hit movie Beetlejuice. The most obvious thing that you would notice here is of course, the series is a cartoon while the movie is shot in live action. However, the producers have taken liberty and altered a few of the settings and plot from the movie, to suit the new audience. Notable examples include Beetlejuice and Lydia here being friends instead of at odds with each other and the Neitherworld is now a bustling city rather than a corporation.

Luckily however, while the tone was changed slightly to suit kids, the humor that made the movie popular is still there. In fact, it is where the series gets its amazing draw. The jokes to get the laughs from kids on one side, while still managing to rib older people.

The show follows the slapstick style common in other children's cartoons. However, the shows goes higher by using word play and allusions in the jokes. The most familiar of this jokes are the puns that accompany Beetlejuice's transformations. Most often, when he says something, it is accompanied by a literal interpretation of the quote. For instance, in one episode, he says “I'm tired,” and he changes into an actual car tire to emphasize. The show also goes extreme with this, and in some case, actually pokes fun on the them, such as when he is coming in it, huge letters showing the words he is saying fall onto him from above.

Another interesting set of jokes from the series are its pokes on the movie and popular culture in general. There are many inside jokes referencing the stars from the movie. The show also takes a jab on the fact that it is intended for kids. In one episode, says matter of fact that because of the time slot (early morning for kiddie programs), even if they are set in western theme, they don't have a saloon. These are the kind jokes that will definitely make the older ones laughing alongside their children.

Thus for those looking for a TV series to watch with their kids, better grab the BeetleJuice DVD. You will definitely enjoy the cartoon, even much more than your actually. And this one will definitely a good addition to your collection

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Solving Crimes And Enjoying It

For those that are hooked into those crime and suspense shows and novels, CSI is definitely the best modern day Sherlock Holmes-esque show that you can watch. The show definitely packs all the action that any fan will definitely love, plus all the crime solving puzzles that made the series very popular.

The series, titled in full as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, follows the exploits of members of the Las Vegas Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation team (hence the title). Each episode has the main protagonists as they encounter different cases that come by. The cases range from the simple murder to several bizarre serial killings. The episodes have the team tracking down clues which would lead to the perpetrators. All while trying to resolve their own personal problems.

The series is produced by noted television and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is also known for his many action films and reality TV series, such as the ever popular Amazing Race. The series itself has become very popular that it has in fact spawned two sequels which are still running today. The two spin-offs, entitled CSI Miami and CSI New York, each follow the featured cities' own investigation teams in solving cases. Occasionally, there are also crossovers where teams from the other shows guested in a series to help the series protagonists.

The most engaging aspect of the show is the case solving part itself, which most of the show is devoted to. Since the show's department is based on a real life police investigation division, the producers have taken good care to present the investigations in much the same way as real ones do it. Thus you can expect that there will be very intricate details showing the process going on. Those with a faint heart should be warned that some scenes in the crime lab are rather graphic and may not be to your liking.

Luckily you won't be left behind in all the technobabble and the jargon as the show also explains the nature of the procedures that are used. Thus you can easily follow how the case is solved. And what makes this bit even more interesting is that the procedures are actually the real ones that are being used by police forces. You yourself will also be engaged in determining who the most possible suspect is through the clues.

The puzzle solving action is also enhanced by great cinematography. The close up shots really gives you an idea of the grit of the crime at hand. On the other hand, the unusual camera angles that the series uses also greatly adds up to the tone of the show. The show also makes good used of different points of view in telling the story. One particular example, for instance, told the episode's story through the eyes of the corpse being examined.

These makes CSI deserve a place in every fan's DVD cabinet and both fan and non-fan will definitely love its mystery feel.

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