Beetlejuice: Toon For All Ages

Who says that cartoons and the macabre don't mix. Those who have said it apparently haven't watched Beetlejuice yet. The cartoon is indeed a delight to watch for both kids and adults with an immature brain.

The show follows the daily life (or death, as he is basically dead already) of the obnoxious spirit Beetlejuice and his bubbly human best friend Lydia. The duo travel the Neitherworld and encounter the bizarre and wacky residents of the world. Each episode also has BJ (as he is often called in the show) and Lydia get into bizarre mishaps and crazy adventures.

The series, as you may have already known, is a spin off of the popular '70's hit movie Beetlejuice. The most obvious thing that you would notice here is of course, the series is a cartoon while the movie is shot in live action. However, the producers have taken liberty and altered a few of the settings and plot from the movie, to suit the new audience. Notable examples include Beetlejuice and Lydia here being friends instead of at odds with each other and the Neitherworld is now a bustling city rather than a corporation.

Luckily however, while the tone was changed slightly to suit kids, the humor that made the movie popular is still there. In fact, it is where the series gets its amazing draw. The jokes to get the laughs from kids on one side, while still managing to rib older people.

The show follows the slapstick style common in other children's cartoons. However, the shows goes higher by using word play and allusions in the jokes. The most familiar of this jokes are the puns that accompany Beetlejuice's transformations. Most often, when he says something, it is accompanied by a literal interpretation of the quote. For instance, in one episode, he says “I'm tired,” and he changes into an actual car tire to emphasize. The show also goes extreme with this, and in some case, actually pokes fun on the them, such as when he is coming in it, huge letters showing the words he is saying fall onto him from above.

Another interesting set of jokes from the series are its pokes on the movie and popular culture in general. There are many inside jokes referencing the stars from the movie. The show also takes a jab on the fact that it is intended for kids. In one episode, says matter of fact that because of the time slot (early morning for kiddie programs), even if they are set in western theme, they don't have a saloon. These are the kind jokes that will definitely make the older ones laughing alongside their children.

Thus for those looking for a TV series to watch with their kids, better grab the BeetleJuice DVD. You will definitely enjoy the cartoon, even much more than your actually. And this one will definitely a good addition to your collection

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