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Early Edition,seriespt.novmp.comLooking for good TV DVDs on line? Here's one pick that you will definitely find interesting the Early Edition has a really great plot that will surely engage you. The show also makes a good twist on a very popular, which makes it even more unique

The show centers around the idea of foretelling the future. But here, it does it in a different take. Instead of the usual crystal balls or tarot cards, though the story calls for a newspaper. Each day, the protagonist Gary Hudson, played by Kyle Chandler, receives his regular copy of the Chicago Sun Times. The only thing different is that the paper he gets is dated a day later. The paper gives him a chances to see what the day's events, including its tragedies.

Thus, Gary has the opportunity to help others by using the news and predictions printed on the paper to avoid this disasters. This, however, is by no means easy, as he contends with people who don't believe him and try to stop him. And if that's not enough, he also has to deal with the dilemma that he faces in trying to save other people's lives.

The interesting premise is in itself very unique. And the production made sure to add more around it. Instead of the usual flashy special effects expected with these types of story, the show went for something more familiar. Hence, the idea of using the newspaper. It is also an interesting thing to note that the paper that was used for the whole series, The Chicago Sun Times, is actually not fictional at all. It is in fact a real paper published in Chicago. This adds more to the feel of the series' story.

But if you might think that the show is quite episodic and will bore you with recurring themes, you will be lucky to find out that it won't. The series also has a very good over-all plot that is every bit as interesting as its episode formulas. Expect to see Gary's character grow from a simple guy to an idealist when he discovers that he bow has the power to help everybody with the paper. You will also be hooked as Gary faces many dilemmas and disappointments as he finds that, while he is able to foretell the future, he often have no power to change it.

The show also feature a very good mix of supporting characters. There's Gary's friend Chuck (Fisher Stevens), who was initially skeptical of Gary's claim, but later on tries to use the paper for his ow gains once he finds that it is indeed for real. And there's Marissa Clark (Shanesha Davis-Williams), a blind woman who serves as a balance between Chuck and Gary's different views. Williams proves very convincing on her portrayal of the character. There are also several interesting guest roles that makes the show even livelier.

This said, the Early Edition DVD definitely deserves a spot in your player. And there is no need to predict that you are going to love the show.

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