The Adventures of Lilo and Stitch

lilo and stitch, dvd
There's so much adventures in the hit TV series Lilo and Stitch. A story of a Hawaiian girl named, “ Lilo” who befriends, “ Stitch,” a multi-talented alien and the result of a once-evil scientist's lab experiment but for Lilo she's a little dog. The TV series version finds Lilo and Stitch teaming up to track down some 625 similar alien experiments, whose special skills bade fare to plunge the world into hilarious chaos.

To know more about the show, Dr. Jumba Jookiba is put on trial by the galactic governing body for illegal genetic experiments, including Experiment 626, an aggressive and cunning creature that is nearly indestructible. Jumba is imprisoned while 626 is set to be exiled on an asteroid. However, during transport on Captain Gantu's ship, 626 escapes to the planet Earth.

The Grand Councilwoman orders Jumba to work with Agent Pleakley to recover 626 discreetly. 626 survives his escape attempt to Earth, landing in Hawaii, but is knocked unconscious by a passing truck, and is taken to an animal shelter because he is to believed a breed of dog. After the recent death of their parents in a car accident, 19-year-old Nani Pelekai is looking after her younger, more rambunctious sister Lilo. They are visited by Cobra Bubbles, a social worker, who is concerned that Nani cannot take care of Lilo appropriately. The social worker is considering taking Lilo into foster care, however, Nani is very much against this idea as Lilo and her are the only remaining members of her family. After hearing Lilo's prayer in her room asking for a friend (Lilo has no 'real' friends because every girl in her class bullies her), Nani agrees to allow Lilo to adopt a dog. As Nani goes around attempting to find a job, she is forced to bring Lilo and Stitch with her. Lilo uses the time to try to curb Stitch's aggressiveness by making him behave like Elvis Presley. Stitch's antics, although at times they foil Jumba and Pleakley's attempts to capture him, also ruin Nani's chances of getting a job. David, Nani's "boyfriend", sees Nani at the beach, where she had been trying to get a job as a lifeguard.

So what makes Lilo and stitch a huge hit for kids? strays a bit from the cut and dry Disney formula and infuses itself with some very clever and demented humor, which is quite a refreshing change and is probably one of the reasons it did so well in theaters. Another thing that made kids loves this show is because the animation is even fresh for a Disney film, with a return to a very traditional hand drawn look with very little use of computer graphics. Character designs consist of very round and warm shapes along with beautiful watercolor backgrounds for the Hawaiian locations that the story takes place in, relaxing and realistic scenery.

A definitely must see DVD for your kids. Your family will surely enjoy Lilo and Stitch!

Image source: Disney

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