Sing and Dance with the Muppets

The Muppet ShowThe Muppet show was considered as one of the favorite Top TV shows of all time. Featuring Kermit the frog, as the muppet's showrunner; Miss Piggy, a fascinating diva pig; Fozzie bear, a stand up comic bear and acting as Kermit's right hand; Scooter, the goofer whose his uncle owns the theater; Gonzo (also known as the great Gonzo) who is romantically pursuing Camella the chicken.

The concept of the television show is more like a variety show set in a music hall featuring a human guest star. There are a hundred Hollywood stars appeared on the show and eagerly wanted to guest. As a bonus, behind the scenes were included at the end of the show.

Produced by Jim Henson with his team from Sesame Street. Jim Henson, was widely known for being a puppeteer in American history. The man behind the longest children TV program, Sesame Street and the Muppet show. He also a creator of advanced puppets for Return of the Jedi, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Fraggle rock. He was an Emmy award winning TV producer , an Oscar nominated film director, and the founder of The Jim Henson company an American entertainment organization, The Jim Henson foundation and Jim's Henson creature shop.

In 2005, the Muppets launched an award winning web series entitled “Statler and Waldorf. Each series featured the duo Statler and Waldor discussing the upcoming movies in the making. Time Magazine named the series “the 25 sites we can't live without” in 2006. Also won the Silver telly at the 2006 Telly awards for best use of comedy. The show won the People's voice 2007; Webby for Best Comedy Long Form or Series..

Another hit was the Baby Muppets that was aired from September 1984 to December 1990 on CBS. It was based on a sequence in the Muppet film 'The Muppets take Manhattan, where Ms. Piggy imagines what it would be like if she and Kermit the frog grew up together. The series portrayed the early childhood versions of the Muppets living together.

For the DVD releases, Time life began marketing “the best volumes of The Muppet show with six initial volumes 3 episodes on each DVD. In 2002, the collection was available for retail via Columbia Pictures Home Video by which Time life has already released its tenth volume. In February 2004 the film outings were bought by The Walt Disney Company.

In The Muppet show comic book, the series is written and drawn by Roger Langridge. The publication began in 2009 published by Boom! Studios.

So what are you waiting for Sing and Dance with your favorites Muppets. Your kids will surely love this DVD collection.

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