Clemens re-wrote The Professional almost 10 scripts for the first season sequences and took a direct hands-on approach to the filming.

CI5 (criminal intelligence 5) is a law enforcement division, instructed by the home secretary to utilize any means, which deals with crimes of a sedate and serious nature that go beyond the ability of the police, but aren't tasks for the magical and secret service or military. Shaw and Collins had played villains on an episode of new avengers (obsession) together, and reportedly had not got on with each other. As Shaw was deemed to have more "screen presence" Andrews was dropped,and Clemens hired Collins in his place. In later seasons, with the format traditionalist and the writers and managers familiar with the show, he took a more leisurely approach to the behind the scenes goings-on. Cowley's two best agents are Ray Doyle (shaw) and William Bodie (Collins).

Initially, Anthony Andrews was contracted to play Bodie, but he and shaw did not have the chemistry that Clemens was looking for. The early years of the television show drama featured voluminous and varied stratagems and plots, good scripts and ongoing statesmanship and reputation growth and development of Bodie and Doyle and to a little less extent Cowley, but later seasons featured progressively overused ideas and script gadgets and both Collins and shaw stated they felt the show was becoming stale. The premise permitted the programme-producers to involve a wide number and variety of villains including terrorists, Hitmen, racist groups and espionage suspects, with stratagems and plots occasionally relating to the formal and cold war. Doyle is an ex-detective constable who has worked the seedier components of London, while bodie is an ex-paratrooper, ferocious mercenary and SAS Sergeant. That said, Doyle is more hotheaded and tended to rush in, while bodie waits for the shooting to start.

Although their self-confidence and commitment to Cowley is beyond question, they have no qualms when it comes to disobeying orders if it meant becoming the correct result, either for the case or themselves. Actors Collins and shaw became friends off screen but was successful to keep up the on screen chemistry and abrasiveness of bodie and Doyle's relationship. The choice of name CI5 is possibly inspired by criminal scrutiny and investigation division and mi5. While sequences were broadcast until 1983, sequences were genuinely filmed among 1977 and 1981. While polar opposites, bodie and Doyle have a wide and deep and unchangeable and enduring friendship, and are almost inseparable.

Led by the threatening and formidable George Cowley, ci5 is known for using unconventional and occasionally illegal modes and methods to beat crooks, or as Cowley put it "fight fire with fire! " the use of a fictitious force in this context was somewhat fewer fiery and disputable than the portrayal of the real flying squad on the Sweeney. Ironically,this was the cause Collins was brought in to the production. To commence with,Clemens intended to write two or three establishing sequences and then hand over to other writers,but their scripts were uneven and lacked the energy and pace needed. Of the two, Doyle is the softer, compassionate and more thoughtful statesmanship and reputation, while bodie is ruthless and more willing to take on crooks on their own terms. 
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