Solving Crimes And Enjoying It

For those that are hooked into those crime and suspense shows and novels, CSI is definitely the best modern day Sherlock Holmes-esque show that you can watch. The show definitely packs all the action that any fan will definitely love, plus all the crime solving puzzles that made the series very popular.

The series, titled in full as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, follows the exploits of members of the Las Vegas Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation team (hence the title). Each episode has the main protagonists as they encounter different cases that come by. The cases range from the simple murder to several bizarre serial killings. The episodes have the team tracking down clues which would lead to the perpetrators. All while trying to resolve their own personal problems.

The series is produced by noted television and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is also known for his many action films and reality TV series, such as the ever popular Amazing Race. The series itself has become very popular that it has in fact spawned two sequels which are still running today. The two spin-offs, entitled CSI Miami and CSI New York, each follow the featured cities' own investigation teams in solving cases. Occasionally, there are also crossovers where teams from the other shows guested in a series to help the series protagonists.

The most engaging aspect of the show is the case solving part itself, which most of the show is devoted to. Since the show's department is based on a real life police investigation division, the producers have taken good care to present the investigations in much the same way as real ones do it. Thus you can expect that there will be very intricate details showing the process going on. Those with a faint heart should be warned that some scenes in the crime lab are rather graphic and may not be to your liking.

Luckily you won't be left behind in all the technobabble and the jargon as the show also explains the nature of the procedures that are used. Thus you can easily follow how the case is solved. And what makes this bit even more interesting is that the procedures are actually the real ones that are being used by police forces. You yourself will also be engaged in determining who the most possible suspect is through the clues.

The puzzle solving action is also enhanced by great cinematography. The close up shots really gives you an idea of the grit of the crime at hand. On the other hand, the unusual camera angles that the series uses also greatly adds up to the tone of the show. The show also makes good used of different points of view in telling the story. One particular example, for instance, told the episode's story through the eyes of the corpse being examined.

These makes CSI deserve a place in every fan's DVD cabinet and both fan and non-fan will definitely love its mystery feel.

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