Not just your ordinary Sci-fi TV series: The Odyssey 5 series

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Are you a fan of Star Trek? Then you shouldn't missed this amazing Sci-fi TV series, “the Odyssey 5.” Did you know that name “Manny Moto” was the brainchild and served as a script-writer and executive producer during the series run? He was also the executive producer and showrunner of Star Trek: Enterprise in its final season, and executive producer of three seasons of 24.

Odyssey 5 is a Canadian science fiction series that first ran in 2002 on Showtime in the United States and on Space in Canada. In the United States, the initial run of the series consists of 14 of the 20 episodes, leaving the six remaining episodes unaired for a period of roughly two years. The show was cancelled despite the fact that the series was one of Show time's highest rated original series. The series made a full run of all 20 episodes in the United Kingdom on Sky One and on Sci Fi Channel and in Canada. In 2004, the series aired in Finland on Nelonen and thus could also be seen in Estonia, and in June 2004 it premiered in Germany. In 2005, it aired in the Netherlands on NET 5 after midnight.

It's a story of a set of people on a routine spaceflight on August 2007: four astronauts, a scientist, and a television news reporter. However, during the course of the flight, the Earth rapidly dissolves into a fiery ball, shrinks, and suddenly implodes. Before regaining control of the shuttle, one astronaut is killed. The remaining 5 crew members of the space shuttle Odyssey resign themselves to death, but a non-organic being called the Seeker rescues them. Fifty other worlds have been destroyed in the same way as Earth, but the seeker has always arrived too late to observe it or find survivors. However, this is the first time he has met survivors of such a tragedy. He offers to send them back in time 5 years (and therefore to present day, at the time of the series), so that they can prevent the disaster. In a twist, their consciousnesses are sent back and not their physical bodies, as physical time travel is impossible. Now its up to the survivors if they can still save the world. Along their journey,they learned that defeating history isn't as easy as it sounds, the interweaving threads adapt.

The series is very different from most science fiction because it is set in the present day so I will strongly recommend this DVD collection to Sci-fi lovers. Enjoy the show!

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